Geography 2000A: World Regional Geography

Spring 2006; Lectures: MWF 11:00-11:50, C-756

Instructor: Ian MacLachlan
Office: University Hall B872
Phone: 403 329-2076

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Realms, Concepts, and Issues

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Interactive Map Game (This is one of many interactive maps on the web. Some students find that it is a useful adjunct to other learning resources in preparing for map tests.)


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Wiley Virtual Field Trips and Links to Outline Maps – 11th edition 


Wiley Links  – 12th edition

        Note: The 11th edition site is the most convenient for outline maps and virtual field trips but the 12th  edition site has a terrific audible pronunciation guide and some other features. Passwords are required for some features of the sites but nothing that is essential for the course.



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Relocating Myanmar capital baffles manyChicago Tribune, Dec 29, 2005
Myanmar’s new capital named Nay Pyi Daw” Web India 123
        Australian Territories
        Enlargement of the EU and the Euro
        India, Sex ratio by state
        South Atlantic and Subantarctic Islands
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